Perfect Christmas Gifts 2009

Christmas is almost coming, many people considered Christmas as the season for shopping of presents gifts and cards to their friends or families. For me, online shopping is the perfect choice in this "rush season", instead of shopping in the traditional shop which can takes a lot of times and energy. You can buy via online almost anything related to Christmas, crafts, ornaments, trees, cards, Bass Pro Gift Card or even cookies.

If you have friends or families who have hobbies in bass fishing, you can also buy a bass fishing cards online. Bass Pro Gift Card is one of the best choice for your christmas gifts, if you interested you can try browse for GiftCardMall.Com to find special deals for this Christmas season.

Netbook vs Notebook, Which One You Choose?

Last month, I just bought HP Mini Note 1016NR. I have several notebook in the past, but I don't interested to buy another one, why? Because in my opinions, the notebooks (in average) is jut too overweight, the size is also too big to carry. For me, mobile device is just for mobile needs, just browsing, learning, chatting and typing documents and other simple job.

What about the performance? If we talk about performance, I think it's very subjective field. For me, which already had powerful desktop computer, I think netbooks is powerful enough to do my jobs while I'm not at home. I install Ubuntu Linux in my HP Mini Note 1016 NR, although the netbook bundled with Windows XP. The performance is quite well, it's quite comfortable.

If you still confused to decide, buying netbook or notebooks, then you should try answer these questions, Do you need it to edit videos or photos? Do you want to play games? Or do you want it to do your basic jobs? If you answer yes for the first two questions, I think you should go for notebooks, but if you don't need to edit pohotos, videos or playing games, I highly recommend you to buy netbooks. Carrying and working basic tasks in my netbook is new and fun experience for me. It's small, lightweight and it's cheap. Yes, in average, netbooks price is lower than notebooks, because of it's limited hardware performance.

How about you? Still confused which laptop computers perfect for your needs? Then try read another references....

Traveling Throughout Europe

Do you have a plan visiting Europe this year? There are several major cities in Europe that I suggest you hardly to visit. What cities and why? Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and London are several cities in Europe that become strong magnet for tourist who want to visit Europe. Here, through this post, I will share with you one by one short descriptions about the cities.

Our journey started from Brussels, the capital city of Belgium. Brussels become as headquarters of many European institutions, sometimes also considered as capital city of European Union. In this city you can visit many attractive sites, such as Grand Place-Grote Markt, Manneken Pis, Parc Du Cinquantenaire-Jubelpark or the Bourse. There are also many museums right there. Ladies? Don't worry, you can go shopping at many shopping mall which available there. Finding for best Brussels Accomodation is best and easy steps if you want to get around in this city.

Our next journey is Amsterdam, which is the capital city of Netherlands. The word “dam” referred to the dam on the river Amstel. There are many historic site in this city. Do you know that Amsterdam is one of the largest historic city centers in Europe? This city have about 7 000 registered historic buildings. No more explanation, I think you already know what was your travel target in this city. Once again, if you have a plan to visit Amsterdam, I suggest you to find good quality Amsterdam Accomodation, so you can get easily reach every sites in this beautiful cities.

Oh, already been a long post I think, for the rest 3 cities I mentioned above, I will explain in the next post. Or, you can get more information by yourself on the internet. One important think, if you want to visit Berlin, Paris and London, make sure you find for best quality Berlin Accomodation, Accomodation in Paris and Accomodation in London, in order to get good quality traveling and vacation. I hope you enjoy my post, see you on the next post.